product offering

What do we do?

My Speaker Leads’ mission is to find opportunities for you to get speaking engagements. We understand that no one can pitch you like you. No one else but you can decide to do one speaking engagement over another. And, we know that you are the best negotiator on your own behalf.

But, that doesn’t mean you need to spend hours each week scouring the internet, looking for events, conferences, and organizations who run events. We do that for you (and deliver a weekly file that anyone can download and use).

Our Research Team

Our research team looks for organizations who hire speakers. (Most organizations are cagey about whether they hire speakers or compensate them in other ways – visibility, free tickets, etc.) We look for organizations who have previously hired speakers and have an upcoming event. We look for the person (or members of the committee) organizing the speakers. Then we compile this information into an easy-to-digest format. Every Monday morning, you get a link to download a csv file. These are your leads, ready to follow up on.

What you get – every week

Our goal is to research events and provide you with over 100 leads PER WEEK. You follow up with the events and speaking gigs that best fit you, your style and the topics you speak on. Our job is to support you by giving you QUALITY leads to help you increase the number of your speaking gigs!

Imagine what your speaking career or business would be like if you landed just a few more speaking opportunities for this year or next year! That’s what our service helps you do!

For only $19.99, we do the research for you

We understand that researching new opportunities takes time. We’ll do that for you. For only $19.99 a month – you’ll get 100 leads every week; 400 leads every month and almost 5000 leads a year. Imagine the man hours you will save.