AYes, it is, $19.99/month. No long-term contract. Cancel at any time. You control your subscription on our platform.
A. There is NO long-term contract. Cancel at any time by logging into your account and selecting the Cancel Service button. We do suggest you try the leads for a few months to give it a chance. Every week there are different options.
A. We guarantee you 100 event leads per week. You need to work the system by choosing the opportunities that are the best fit for you and reaching out or applying to speak. This is a product best suited for speakers with an established sales process.
AWhile we used to deliver the leads in an email attachment, we found that too many emails ended up in junk and spam folders.  As of June 5, 2023, our leads are held on our website where you can download them at the touch of a button. You get a weekly email letting you know that your leads are ready and a CSV file that you can import into your favorite software or spreadsheet.
A. We give you ALL the leads from our work the week before. We do indicate an industry and you can filter by that column once you receive the leads. However we always recommend that you review all the events in the file each week to be sure that you don’t miss something that would be a good fit for you. Just because something is in a different industry doesn’t mean it isn’t a fit for you. For example, one of our speakers is in digital marketing. Her expertise is in demand at all kinds of events and conferences, not just digital marketing events. We also don’t expect you to follow up with every lead. We expect speakers to pick and choose only the leads that are a good fit for them, not email blast every lead. (This is called spam.) Our most successful customers find 10-15 great fits for them every month (out of the 400-500 leads they receive from us.)
AWe would never recommend you do that. When you add someone to a “list” you need their permission. If you use an email service provider like Constant Contact or Mailchimp you would most likely be violating their terms of service. Instead, we recommend you select the opportunities that are ideal for you and send individual introductory emails to see if they are currently looking for speakers like you.
AIntroduce yourself and ask who the speaker contact is – this contact changes frequently at many organizations. We provide you with a template that many speakers use.
AWe’ve believed from the beginning that this was about helping speakers gain momentum, something we believe in firmly. Therefore the price is affordable for all levels of speakers, from experienced professionals to just-getting-started speakers. We also wanted to give more than other services give for less than they charge!
ARight now our focus is on the USA with the occasional foray into other places.  That doesn’t mean that we discard events elsewhere that we find, however we probably only have 1 or 2 of the leads each week that are external to the US. That could mean Canada or UK, or other countries. That said, the virtual world of events is making it easier for US-based speakers to speak anywhere.

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