Most professional speakers spend WAY too much time on administrative tasks. Searching for speaking opportunities is one of the most time-consuming tasks. Some speakers try to outsource the task to virtual assistants, their neighbor, even their kids. Others try to fit it into their spare time. (Do you really have any spare time? Didn’t think so.)

Every week, My Speaker Leads customers get a file full of at least 100 speaker leads – that’s more than 400 leads a month. Some months it is 500 leads! That’s more than 5000 leads a year.

What is a speaker lead? It’s an event or an organization that has hired speakers in the past and has an upcoming event which could use speakers. The file contains organization and event names, websites, dates, emails, phone numbers and various helpful details. For example, “Last year, this event had Jane Smith as their keynote speaker.  Jane speaks on leadership. According to the speaker bureau that represents Jane, her speaking fee is $7500.” (Of course, we don’t know what Jane was actually paid but these notes can help
prioritize some opportunities over others.)

We don’t expect every speaker to reach out to every lead; in fact we discourage it.  You should pick and choose the right leads for you and reach out to those leads.  A lead is an opportunity. It brims with promise. BUT, it delivers nothing if you don’t act.

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The leads I get from My Speaker Leads are invaluable in my speaking business. The consistent leads save me tons of time each week.

Roger G.