There are plenty of lead gen website for speakers….

From the one that includes the word MATCH, to the one that includes the word Hub!

There’s even Gig this and Gig That. All of these services are good. We’ve used some of them ourselves. But they aren’t great.  Why? Because they leave you with one MAJOR problem.

Problem: No Data For You!

Once you get a lead on their site, the lead is either captive to that site, OR, you need to re-enter the data into your CRM. In most cases, they don’t even give you any contact info to reach out directly. Why? Cause those sites OWN that data, and they don’t want you to have it.

With us…that is NOT the case!


We send you the leads via a CSV file each week! NO JOKE!

There is  nothing more frustrating than not being able to work with your data to ensure that you can quickly access leads, find what works for you and contact the lead the best way you want.

We’ve proven that to you with our initial free download of leads, and we commit to you that you will get AT LEAST 100 leads per week, in a CSV file to use in your business.

Are you getting excited? AWESOME!

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